The Creative Connections Foundation

A strong culture and identity are critical to making a vibrant and prosperous community. To build a strong culture, the people of a community need to feel free to share their creative self-expression, and to make connections with others to multiply the impact of their creativity.

In this light, Sarah and Wayne are pleased to announce that we have formed a non-profit venture, The Creative Connections Foundation. Our mission is “Kindling the Creative Spirit with our Neighbors” by providing services, activities, and events which center on helping individuals to realize the power of creative self-expression and to build frameworks for creative individuals to join together to work in harmony towards a common vision that deepens our culture and strengthens the bonds between us. The potential for change and growth in our communities is limitless.


One thought on “The Creative Connections Foundation

  1. Paulette Thomas

    Sarah, is this a traveling or stationary service? Do you do private small groups. Maybe like a girls nite or day event……. wonderful idea! Thank you for being this connection for our inner creative artists.


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